The commissioner highlights the personal nature of the breach

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replica zara bags The website was only partially restored 152 days later. The ability to file a freedom of information request removed.READ MORE: Nova Scotia replica bags from turkey re launches FOIPOP website after 152 days of being offlinePrivacy commissioner says breaches were Tully, the province information and privacy commissioner, writes in her report that the cause of the privacy breaches was a design flaw in the FOIPOP website.flaw was created by a well known and foreseeable vulnerability that was not detected by the Department of replica bags supplier Internal Services prior to launching the [FOIPOP website], Tully writes.She concludes that the breaches were preventable and were caused by a serious of due diligence by the province when deploying a new technology.the time to diligently assess a tool at all stages of a project is fundamental replica bags south africa to ensuring that personal information held by government is respected and protected, Tully writes.The commissioner questioned why even months after the breach, employees in the department have understandings about the nature of the breaches, their root cause and how to prevent them from occurring again.Further issues are highlighted in a reference to Unisys, the company responsible for maintaining the government online services, and the supplier of the AMANDA 7 platform that was used to administer applications on the FOIPOP website.employee expressed that her lesson learned was she hoped not to have to work with replica bags ru Unisys again, Tully wrote. Premier claim to most transparent province in CanadaOf the 7,000 documents accessed in the breach, it was later determined that 369 of the documents contained “highly sensitive” personal information such as social replica bags china free shipping insurance numbers, birth dates and personal high end replica bags addresses.The commissioner highlights the personal nature of the breach. replica zara bags

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