The right IT system monitoring tools can reduce costs, mitigate risks and support optimal business performance. Without it, you will stranger to find out what problem in your network, what cause your network slow, how to mitigate performance in your application.

SAGES solution can help to monitoring and manage performance of Network and Application.

Unified Network & Application Performance Management
Current and reliable data is a crucial for making solid strategic and operational decisions. This data is the foundation for budgeting, forecasting, analyzing, reporting and lastly improving your business. Intelligent solutions are necessary to drive cost reduction, enhance resiliency and raise user experience. Solutions must work seamlessly across enterprises as well as business units.
SAGES provides end-to-end visibility into the IT infrastructure. This guarantees smooth and stable network operation. Bottlenecks can be localized and eliminated proactively so that link overload and connection losses can be avoided. This leads to an improvement of network efficiency and a reduction of costs at the same time.
It is a one-stop solution to virtually manage all needs of your organization:
Network Management
Server Management
Application Management
VoIP Management
Business Process Management
Report Management

IT infrastructure monitoring

In today’s business, IT has evolved into a mission-critical asset and has become the heartbeat and lifeblood of organisations throughout the world. As such, regardless of the turnover or the size of your business, having an effective IT infrastructure monitoring solution today is not an option nor a luxury, It is a prerequisite.
With SAGES solutions, IT managers/administrators will be fore-warned of any potential system failures within their infrastructure, and as a result, they will be able to react, mitigate and correct potential failures in a timely fashion way before a potential IT crisis develops into a full blown IT disaster.