If you run a large enterprise, data center, education or government network, you know all too well the operational sea changes you are facing :

    • The explosion of applications and bandwidth consumption where BYOD traffic is now the norm for the younger members of the workforce
    • The proliferation of rogue users and peer-to-peer traffic that interfere with business
    • The federated nature of business-critical applications now driving you to the cloud
  • Increasing regulations on data monitoring and reporting
  • Integrating new VDI and SaaS rollouts and making them successful
  • Multiple silos of equipment and software that generally do not play well with others
  • Knowing the next data-breach-du-jour could be yours

Be honest now. You’ve been holding back. In fact, you’ve been keeping about half your bandwidth as reserve to handle peak traffic loads, rogue users, peer-to-peer data flows and more. Why?
You’ve had no option. The best-effort, random nature of how TCP/IP behaves under load has been baked into routed IP links since the dawn of the Internet.
Whole technology segments, including WAN optimizers, packet shapers, application development controllers, APM/NPM solutions, load balancers, next-gen firewalls and more, have been developed simply to compensate for the inherently chaotic behavior of routed TCP/IP packet transmission.

SAGES solution is not looking the packets, but we also can look at Flows to identify problem in networks with visibility and control the network.

Virtualizing Network Visibility and Control
CIOs of today’s Enterprise, Data Center, Education and Government networks face unprecedented and complex operational challenges:
Explosion of applications and bandwidth consumption
The shift of business-critical applications to the Cloud
Increasing regulations on data monitoring and reporting
SAGES provides solution that gives network operators the tools they need to address these challenges; providing unprecedented network visibility and control through our patented flow technology. Our application-aware software appliance can be deployed on critical WAN links to provide a real-time view of application- and user-level activity; enabling the creation and enforcement of network usage policies and the optimization of overall network efficiency.

Application Assurance
With a greater number of applications running on the network, ensuring mission-critical applications are getting the resources they need is as challenging as ever.
SAGES provides a sensor in your network to provide complete visibility into every flow, Building a rich database of information on each flow including application, user, and transmission quality data. This data is used to measure application health, helping to identify which applications are under duress and not performing to user expectations. Having granular application awareness for each flow allows the software to prioritize important business applications over less critical traffic such as social networking or video streaming. Whether ensuring remote users have a high Quality of Experience for VoIP and VDI applications or making sure key business tools are available during peak workload periods, Our solution puts real-time control at your fingertips.

Network Congestion Control
As important business applications move to the Cloud, access over WAN access links is often the bottleneck that impacts end user Quality of Experience. Too often, the answer to congestion is provisioning or purchasing additional bandwidth capacity, but this approach is expensive.
SAGES provides solution that can be enabling the monitoring and control of every flow in the network independently and in real-time. By dynamically ensuring the QoS of every flow on the network, the solution delivers unprecedented link utilization up to 95% without congestion symptoms. Being able to fully utilize the capacity of existing WAN links helps delay or avoid the purchase of additional equipment and network capacity.
The ability to guarantee the QoS of every flow, combined with the ability to prioritize important applications, enables CIOs to make sure they get the most out of expensive WAN links, providing total control of resource utilization.