A payroll that is primarily made up of salaried and full time

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The sole subject of a new photo book, “Patti Hansen: A Portrait,” Hansen was striking but not dauntingly pretty. She could be sexy, but not dangerously so. She had a handsome face with a square jaw and, in the beginning, a wedge of a haircut with a cheerleader flip.

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As the election results became clear, it was my task on Wednesday morning to reassure my daughter of not just our nation’s future, but also her future. How was I to explain why the first ever woman to run for the White House did not make it? How was I to ensure that she, as a Muslim, did not feel threatened in our nation? Bleary eyed, I told her what I had rehearsed mentally: We are so proud to have finally had a Hillary Clinton who paved the way for more women leaders, including a Senate that now is projected to include more women of color senators than ever before. Even though it is clear that we have a profound schism in our country, this is an opportunity to learn how to deal with a setback and yet move forward in life.

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