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Two straight overnight rate increases from the Bank of Canada, tougher mortgage insurance qualification criteria and a slowdown in home sales following the province housing plan have also made for tougher rental conditions, said Urbanation.has been compounded by lower rates of tenant turnover, which has been further encouraged through the extension of rent control, and a slowdown in completions of condominium and purpose built rentals, the company says in its release.Industry observers had predicted tenants would stay in their units longer in response to the rent control rules. The province still allows a landlord to set rents to what the market will bear but only after a tenant moves out.The total number of new leases signed in the third quarter was 7,761 units, about the same as a year ago but activity in smaller and less expensive units declined as supply dwindled. The report said the volume of one bedroom without den rentals, about 500 599 square feet in range, dropped by 11 per cent from a year ago while studio rentals fell by three per cent during the period.In a report commissioned by landlords, Urbanation said last month 1,000 rental units have been cancelled since Ontario expanded rent control rules across the province.

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I just spent a lot of time meeting with people, and it really been helpful to me because I get to hear perspectives. I also get to explain what I think the future of the company can be. But often when you hear someone who is unhappy and you get up under it, it often that the company has not been successful..

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