Donna and Mike debate whether Arctor’s mind will recover

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The word America or American appears 33 times. That ODD. Really odd for a country like the US, less odd for a banana republic. Some time later, Donna (revealed to be another false name) converses with a fellow police officer, Mike, and the audience learns that New Path is responsible for the manufacture and distribution of Substance D; ironically they use victims of the drug to tend their crops cheap swimwear, since (being nearly mindless) they can be trusted not to reveal New Path’s secret. Donna expresses her growing ethical aversion to their police work, in which they deliberately selected Arctor without his knowledge to become addicted to Substance D all along; his health was sacrificed so that he might eventually enter a New Path rehabilitation center unnoticed as a genuine addict and collect incriminating evidence of New Path’s Substance D farms. Donna and Mike debate whether Arctor’s mind will recover enough so that he grasps the situation and returns from serving his sentence with substantial evidence to shut down New Path..

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