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England were not awful in Brazil, at times their attacking efforts looked bright and pacey, but this was a soft centred team with a leaky defence and little tournament nous to call upon.Hodgson’s team should have got something out of the Italy and Uruguay games on the balance of play, yet contrived to lose both to seal their fate.The displays were better than the lamentable and laboured efforts of Fabio Capello’s team four years earlier, but that is certainly nothing to celebrate, given how things worked out in South Africa.It was tempting to believe, ahead of the World Cup hydro flask bottle, that England had a fresher and younger team unburdened by the pressures of the so called “golden generation,” which turned out to be nothing of the sort.Those who put Wayne Rooney in the top bracket of international footballers will have problems sustaining that argument. He has now been to three World Cups and starred in none of them.England needed one last inspirational effort from captain Steven Gerrard, but it looked as though his unhappy end to the season at Liverpool spilled over to the World Cup, where his mistakes proved costly.Youngsters such as Daniel Sturridge, Raheem Sterling and, to some extent, Ross Barkley all did OK, without taking the tournament by storm. Adam Lallana of whom this observer had high hopes looked as if his mind was occupied by his imminent move to Anfield.In short, England had too many ordinary under performing players, with Leighton Baines, Phil Jagielka hydro flask bottle, Glen Johnson and Jordan Henderson all falling into the “disappointing” category, while Joe Hart’s goalkeeping looked tense and nervy.Watching teams such as Chile, Costa Rica and Algeria, you saw men playing above themselves; England had few or none in that category.Roy Hodgson’s failures this summer mean England have to look carefully at the future.Hodgson is a likeable and clearly decent man, with a wealth of experience including a good showing with Switzerland at the 1994 World Cup losing to Spain in the round of 16.

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hydro flask bottle Tardelli’s cry, “Gol! Gol!” was one of the defining images of Italy’s 1982 World Cup triumph. Paolo Rossi won the Golden Boot with six goals as well as the Golden Ball Award for the best player of the tournament, and 40 year old captain goalkeeper Dino Zoff became the oldest player to win the World Cup. Italy failed to qualify for the 1984 European Championship. hydro flask bottle

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