In New York there are two types of medallion: Corporate and

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moncler outlet Cities that issue a taxicab or limousine medallion or license, a good example of this is in San Francisco, California where a medallion which is issued in the moncler outlet 70 form of a small license plate is actually the sole property of the City of San Francisco and when a driver retires, quits or just doesn’t want to drive a cab anymore they are required to return that medallion back to the moncler outlet tokyo city so that it can be issued to the next person on the waiting list, Now in New York City the medallion owner can do cheap moncler t shirts whatever they like, lease it out to another driver who doesn’t own a medallion, sell it, place it in their will to be passed on to a relative, friend or even a to moncler outlet bicester a lover but the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission cannot revoke or cancel a medallion they can however force a moncler buy now pay later medallion owner to sell that medallion if that owner violated the law or TLC rules. If you are interested in purchasing a New York City taxi medallion be aware that it is VERY VERY VERY expensive, At a May 2, 2008 New York City TLC auction the highest successful bid was $1.3 million dollars. In New York there are two types of medallion: Corporate and Individual. moncler outlet

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