Some of those pieces of video footage we didn’t know if they

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The hospital had five operating rooms working around the clock to treat 41 casualties from the attack, most arriving in a 60 minute rush in three waves of ambulances. Some of the wounded came in trussed up with tourniquets, tied probably by civilians from shirts or scarves. Rounds cause violent wounds, he high quality replica bags said.

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He draws boats. He can’t go on board a ship so as a second best he spends a lot of time drawing the different boats. It turned out that Mackintosh was born with a club foot and was also one of a large family where all his brothers had died in infancy.

Handbags Replica “We’ve gotten close enough to them to hear them on many occasions and to get sound recordings. And we’ve shown video tapes that other people have gotten of them. Some of those pieces of video footage we didn’t know if they were legit until we actually went to the location. Handbags Replica

But it’s also clear that Kasich sees some value in being a prominent anti Trump voice. He has said that he didn’t vote for Trump in 2016 and has been vocally critical of the president in a way even other skeptical Republicans haven’t been. He’s even got a book coming outon the subject.

It would have given the moment some more oomph. I also loved that Michael seemed so impacted by Cordelia’s suicide, either because he wanted to kill her himself, or that he admired Cordelia despite them being enemies. I wish the latter point was fleshed out more because after all, upon their initial confrontation he could have just burned them all and destroyed their souls on the spot..

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