US Justice Department said neither Boyle nor Coleman is wanted

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It started the golden war. A few weeks into the conflict I made a stealthy attack by peeing on her head when she bent over to clean her legs. The result of this however was the rapid elevation in tensions, they rose so high that it devolved into a cold war.

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Yes Hanna is not the funny adorable girl she was in the past seasons. YES i miss her funny, sarcastic lines, yes i miss seeing her beautiful smile, BUT in a show that lacks emotional depth I swera to God i find Hanna to be the most realistic character. Maybe not everyone is for realism in a tv show, and especially in a show like PLL, but i do.

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Secure the borders, establish a path for legalized immigrant worker status and citizenship, and enforce strict legal sanctions against US businesses who employ illegal immigrants. Fund the military, homeland security, cyber security commensurate with accurate threat assessments from the expert community. Unfortunately the culture of professional politics has devolved into a predatory class of wealthy individuals who fail to represent the public interest and serve the special interests.

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